Your patients having access to their reports
through the internet, in a fast and secure way!


It is a package that includes storage of the data generated by your Zscan capturing system, keeping it safe against hardware failures, hacking attacks, data hijacking (Ransomware).

All patient data will be safe and can be restored at any time when needed.‬

It is also an online reporting system. Allows your patients to access their reports through the Internet, in a fast and secure way. Also, the reports may contain unlimited images, increasing the chances of an efficient diagnosis.

The system may also, contribute to savings, by avoiding printing and the use of expensive paper.

Patients and referring physicians, will receive an email with a code that will allow them to view the report online once it’s ready.

Currently, the reports may have and exclusive page that contains several images with greater size, without increasing its cost.

To activate iLaudo services, it is necessary to have a purchased license of Zscan7 or above.

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  • Online database backup, this way, avoiding patient data loss in case of hardware failure;
  • Access reports and videos online;
  • Service integrations with the client’s website;
  • Cost savings in equipment, printing, etc;
  • Mobility and accessibility in smartphones and tablets;
  • Compatible with IOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Reports can be viewed on our website (,
through a personalized page or the client’s website.


iLaudo is eco-friendly. In addition to not use ink and paper for printing, it contributes to the planet by not generating residue that would have to be recycled.